Placitas Artists - Dave Doss Photography
Dave Doss

See my images in person and meet me at the Opening Reception

March 15th, 2003
 2pm - 5pm

373 N. Camino del Pueblo
Bernalillo, NM


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Born and raised in the Kansas City, Missouri area, David Alan Doss attended Raytown High School and the University of Missouri, graduating with a BA Degree in History. After a twenty year career as an independent insurance agent, he left the corporate arena to pursue his passion for black and white photography.


Early interest in the black and white medium was inspired by the works of Edward Weston, Harry Callahan, Wynn Bullock, Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Laura Gilpin and Brett Weston along with many others. Most of these photographers worked with large format cameras. I use the 4 X 5 and 8 X 10 cameras for most of my landscapes and abstracts. When working with models, I prefer a medium format 2 square. Once the negatives have been developed the real creativity begins in the darkroom.


The art of capturing a three-dimensional full color world and transforming the images into a two-dimensional black and white prints provides the artist with the ultimate challenge.  I feel no other medium is quite as demanding. The inherent abstraction leaves the viewer with endless possibilities for interpretation.