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Angel Rose - Walking Art, Inc.
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Angel Rose's interest in art began during her childhood in northern New Mexico. But it wasn't until she "retired" from her career in semiconductors that she decided to pursue her passion. She built a studio between the hills and mountains of Placitas and created "Walking Art, Inc."

A philosopher and woman of many stories, Angel's work evolves from her dreams and visions, both of which she loves to share. Her artistic expression is drawn from her deep connection with nature, as reflected in her jewelry, stone carvings and clay figures. The piņon and juniper-covered desert of Angel's home offers special gifts for use in making the walking sticks which give her company it's name.

When Angel's not creating her unique art, she cares for JAK's Cactus Ranch, a collection of native plants and cacti that is primarily the result of many years of rescuing plants from building sites, road construction and human environmental disregard. These plants have become part of the wonderful landscape of Angel's property.

Walking Art, Inc. Studio and JAK's Cactus Ranch are open to the public only twice a year-during the Annual Placitas Art Studio Tour (Mother's Day Weekend) and for one weekend in September (the 20th and 21st) for the Walking Art, Inc. Art Show.

You can also see Angel's work in a variety of New Mexico Art shows throughout the year. If you are interested in receiving an invitation to the shows, email your address to to be put on the mailing list. All other tours of Walking Art, Inc. Studio or JAK's Cactus Ranch are by appointment only.