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Andor Abonyi was born in Budapest, Hungary on April 22, 1958 and was raised in an eccentric upper middle class family. His father was an influential Architect and Monte Carlo Champion Race Car Driver, and his mother an Actress and Opera Singer. At an early age Andor was introduced to art, acting and music. He studied at the Bela Bartok Conservatory of Music for his classical training and Franz Liszt Academy of Music for his jazz training. As a young musician he was a member and active performer in the avant-garde Young Artist Club in Budapest from 1973-1976.

After an east European performing tour, he escaped from Communist Hungary in 1981 and lived in a refugee camp in Trieste, Italy for several months. With his newfound freedom, he traveled and lived in several cities including Aachen, Munich, Amsterdam, Paris, and Toronto. He has made his home in Placitas, New Mexico, an artistic community nestled in the foothills of the enchanting Sandia Mountains outside Santa Fe. He states, “The light and the colors of nature make me re-born everyday. I am truly home now.”

Andor Abonyi is a true renaissance man. A Poet, Writer, Actor, Musician, Philosopher and Database Designer. At the present time you can catch him in the local jazz scene. As for his paintings, it is his new “True Love” and brings new feelings and discoveries every day. He started with avant-garde, but a very emotional trip to Giverny, France in 2003 brought out a new feeling for the impressionist style he is currently creating. Andor’s work is evolving daily as he puts his agony, ecstasy, love and hope on canvas.

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