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I have been in the cartoon animation industry since 1972, and worked for such Hollywood studios as Hanna-Barbera, Turner, Disney, Film Roman, and Dreamworks SKG. My feature film credits include THE PAGEMASTER, CATS DON'T DANCE, HERCULES, MULAN, TARZAN, SPIRIT, and most recently, SINBAD. Television work includes two seasons of THE SIMPSONS. After 30 years of success in that field, however, I was suddenly forced to re-think my life and career when the studios began shifting from traditional 2D hand-drawn animation to 3D computer fare, in addition to out-sourcing many jobs overseas (mine included). Re-invention and downsizing seemed in order, and a 2001 visit to New Mexico convinced me to relocate here in October of 2003. In January I moved into my new home in the awesome area of Placitas, where I live with my partner, who is also a graphic and interior design artist.

The raw beauty and powerful spiritual vibration of New Mexico, combined with the energy of so many friendly, artistic, and talented people we've met here, has inspired me to re-explore my artistic roots, particularly photography, which I have always enjoyed. I am excited by the new world of digital photography and digital art, and New Mexico provides me with a source of unlimited subject matter and inspiration. Thank you for welcoming us to your community.